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A Genealogical index to the guides of the microfilm edition of Records of ante-bellum Southern plantations from the Revolution through the Civil War

Cooper, Jean
Cooper, Jean
"Records of Ante-bellum Southern Plantations From the Revolution Through the Civil War" is a microfilm collection of manuscripts held in several major research libraries throughout the South. This collection originated as part of an effort to make primary source materials related to slavery more available to the researcher. This index seeks to help the genealogist and family history researcher by offering a guide to the genealogical materials available in the Records. In this volume, I index the Guides of the Microfilm Edition from a genealogical standpoint. The items indexed include deeds, wills, estate papers, genealogies, personal and business correspondence, account books, slave lists, and other pertinent items, and are indexed in six separate lists: Location (Alphabetical By City or County and by State), Plantation Name (Alphabetical By Name of Plantation and by State), Surname (Alphabetical by Surname and by State). The Plantation index of this resource is a unique contribution to African American genealogical research. All of these materials have great potential as resources for the specialist in genealogy and family history. It is my hope that this index will make the Records of Ante-Bellum Southern Plantations more accessible to the genealogist and family historian.
1st Books, 2003
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