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Sound Methods and Effective Tools for Engineering Modeling and Analysis

Coppit, David; Sullivan, Kevin
Coppit, David
Sullivan, Kevin
Modeling is indispensable in engineering. Safe, effective modeling methods require languages having clearly specified and validated semantics, and low-cost, feature rich, easy-to-use software tools. Today we lack cost effective means to develop such methods, with serious consequences for engineering. We present and evaluate an approach combining two techniques: formal methods to aid in language design and validation; and package oriented programming for effective tools at low cost. We have evaluated the approach in an end-to-end feasibility experiment. First, we deployed an existing language for reliability analysis to NASA in a package-oriented tool and surveyed NASA engineers to assess its industrial effectiveness. Second, we designed a formally specified (and significantly corrected and improved) modeling language. Finally, to assess the overall effort required, we developed a package-based tool from scratch which embodies the new language. The data support the claim that the approach promises to enable cost-effective deployment of sound methods by effective software tools. Note: Abstract extracted from PDF file via OCR
University of Virginia, Department of Computer Science, 2002
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