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A Survey of Configurable, Component-Based Operating Systems for Embedded Applications

Friderich, Luis; Stankovic, John; Humphrey, Marty; Marley, Michael; Haskins, John
Friderich, Luis
Stankovic, John
Humphrey, Marty
Marley, Michael
Haskins, John
With the proliferation of embedded applications, criteria such as cost-effective variations of the product, flexible operation of the product, minimal time to market, and minimal product costs become deep concerns for embedded software industries. Component-based software is becoming an increasingly popular technology as a means for the construction of complex software systems by assembling off-the-shelf building blocks providing the ability to deal with customization and reconfiguration issues. However, many of the component-based methodologies utilize large components and do not address size, real- time performance, power, and cost issues. Another main problem with component-based systems is the reconfiguration process itself. Issues such as the selection, parameterization of components, the analysis, and the choice of proper hardware and memory layouts are not fully addressed. This paper surveys the current state of component-based software and its utilization for the construction of operating systems for embedded applications and concludes with recommendations for further research in component-based operating systems.
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University of Virginia, Department of Computer Science, 2000
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Libra Open Repository
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