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Physicalnet: A Framework for Programming Mobility-Aware, Cross-Network, Concurrent Applications for Sensor and Actuator Networks

Vicaire, Pascal; Stankovic, John
Vicaire, Pascal
Stankovic, John
This paper describes the design, implementation, and eval- uation of Physicalnet, a framework allowing the programming and concurrent execution of applications that span multiple sensor and actuator networks. Physicalnet uses a service ori- ented architecture to make node services globally accessible and interoperable. Within this architecture, dedicated pro- cesses list the services available at a given geographical site, allow the concurrent access to these services, and enforce spec- ified user access rights. On top of this architecture, Physical- net provides the Bundle Abstraction, which allows the concise manipulation of abstract sets of nodes with dynamic member- ship. Physicalnet has been especially designed with mobility in mind: nodes are globally localized and their function dynami- cally changes according to their location. To evaluate the Physicalnet framework, we provide a com- plete implementation in TinyOS and Java. We deploy two geo- graphically separated testbeds, each composed of PCs and MI- CAzs forming a multi-hop wireless network. We study 5 appli- cations that span multiple testbeds and run them concurrently to demonstrate the utility of our solution. We conclude that programming is concise, and that execution speed meets appli- cation requirements.
University of Virginia, Department of Computer Science, 2008
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