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Building Robust Distributed Applications With Reflective Transformations

NguyenTuong, Anh; Grimshaw, Andrew
NguyenTuong, Anh
Grimshaw, Andrew
Several projects are currently underway to build the nation's next generation computing infrastructure. These projects are sometimes called metasystems projects and seek to provide the illusion of a single, unified, virtual computing environment to end users. We expect metasystems to consist of millions of hosts and billions of objects, and on this scale, resource failures will be the norm and no longer the exception. One of the technical challenges that must be solved before such systems become usable is the widespread adoption of fault-tolerance techniques for both system level services and user applications. As part of the Legion metasystem project, we have developed an architecture for incorporating fault-tolerance techniques into user applications. Our approach is based on reflective dynamic transformation techniques that manipulate the control and data flow characteristics of an application to achieve the desired fault-tolerance policies. In this paper, we present our Reflective Graph & Event model (RGE) computation model and illustrate sample reflective transformations for incorporating exception handling and replication techniques into applications.
University of Virginia, Department of Computer Science, 1997
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