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A Relational Interface to an Object Based System or Translating SQL to ADAMS

Cleary, Thomas
Cleary, Thomas
The evolution of database technology has resulted in the widespread use of three major database models. These three most popular models are: the hierarchical model, the network model and the relational model. The existence of numerous databases and database applications has given rise to a strong desire for the ability to use the data and applications created using one database model by other database systems. The project that this report documents demonstrates that a relational database system can be mapped onto an object based system. In particular, a leX - yacc based translator was developed to convert the Structured Query Language (SQL) into the Advanced Data Management System (ADAMS) language. The basic relational SQL data definition, manipulation and query statements are shown to be translatable into equivalent ADAMS statements. The translated code can then be executed to emulate the actions SQL would have performed. This demonstrates that ADAMS can provide low - level implementation support to the relational database model Note: Abstract extracted from PDF file via OCR
University of Virginia, Institute for Parallel Computation, 1991
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