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Application Error Recovery in Critical Information Systems

Knight, John; Elder, Matthew
Knight, John
Elder, Matthew
Critical infrastructure applications provide services upon which society depends heavily; these applications are themselves dependent on distributed information systems for all aspects of their operation and so survivability of the information systems is an important issue. Fault tolerance is a key mechanism by which survivability can be achieved in these information sys- teems. Fault tolerance consists of two primary stages, error detection and error recovery; in this paper we focus on application error recovery in these critical information systems. We outline a specification-based approach to error recovery that enables systematic structuring of error recovery specifications, an implementation partially synthesized from the formal specification, and various forms of static and run-time analysis. We present the RAPTOR specification nota- tion for describing error recovery activities in the face of various faults, and we explore synthe- sis of implementation code using the Error Recovery Translator. We also describe a novel implementation architecture enabling error recovery in these systems and discuss issues in analysis.
University of Virginia, Department of Computer Science, 2000
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