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Performance Analysis of the IEEE 802.4 Token Bus

Summers, Catherine; Weaver, Alfred
Summers, Catherine
Weaver, Alfred
The use of computers in today's offices and factories is growing rapidly. With the expansion in the number of computers there is an expanding need for inter - computer communication. Local Area Networks can meet these needs. There are many different network topologies and access protocols. The IEEE has proposed a new standard local area network that uses a token passing access protocol on a bus: this standard is known as 802.4. This thesis studies 802.4 which is a complicated protocol with many features such as bounded delivery times and support of four message priority levels. The operation of the protocol is explained and an analytic model is developed that can provide estimates of network performance. A better understanding was gained and more comprehensive tests were performed through simulating representative network configurations. The number of possible network configurations precludes exhaustive testing; therefore care was taken so that the important parameters were identified and well tested. The experience and information gained in the simulation process illustrates several areas of importance when designing 802.4 networks. Note: Abstract extracted from PDF file via OCR
University of Virginia, Department of Computer Science, 1985
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