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Assessing Scientific Data Management Practices and Needs

Lake, Sherry; Corey, William; Sallans, Andrew
Lake, Sherry
Corey, William
Sallans, Andrew
The University of Virginia Library is supporting the new data management requirements in science and engineering by developing a model that draws upon the close collaboration between data experts and subject librarians, and culminates in policy and infrastructure recommendations to the University’s Office of the Vice President for Re-search (VPR) and the Office of the Vice President/Chief Information Officer (VP/CIO). The basis of our model is the Data Interview which assesses the researcher’s data management practices and needs and establishes a baseline awareness of current practice. The second part of the model is the Data Management Plan Support and Review. In-formation collected from the Data Interviews is compiled, file format and file size results are furnished to the Institutional Repository (IR) team for planning purposes, and information on data management practices and needs are furnished to the subject librarians to enhance their knowledge of the data needs of their departments. In aggregate form, all this information is provided to the VPR and VP/CIO as policy and infrastructure recommendations. The entire process cycles back to the researcher with specific recommendations and solutions that will help improve the research process.
University of Virginia, June 2, 2011
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June 2, 2011
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