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Examining the Pathologic Adaptation Model of Community Violence Exposure in Male Adolescents of Color

Gaylord-Harden, Noni; So, Suzanna; Bai, Grace J.; Henry, David B.; Tolan, Patrick
Gaylord-Harden, Noni
So, Suzanna
Bai, Grace J.
Henry, David B.
Tolan, Patrick
The current study examined a model of desensitization to community violence exposure, the Pathologic Adaptation Model, in adolescent males of color. Method: The current study included 285 African American (61%) and Latino (39%) male adolescents (W1 mean age = 12.41) from the Chicago Youth Development Study to examine the longitudinal associations between community violence exposure, depressive symptoms, and violent behavior. Results: Consistent with the Pathologic Adaptation Model, results indicated a linear, positive association between community violence exposure in middle adolescence and violent behavior in late adolescence, as well as a curvilinear association between community violence exposure in middle adolescence and depressive symptoms in late adolescence, suggesting emotional desensitization. Further, these effects were specific to cognitive-affective symptoms of depression and not somatic symptoms. Conclusion: Emotional desensitization outcomes, as assessed by depressive symptoms, can occur in male adolescents of color exposed to community violence and these effects extend from middle adolescence to late adolescence.
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Taylor & Francis, 2016
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National Institute for Child Health and Human Development.
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