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The ADAMS Preprocessor

Baron, Paul
Baron, Paul
ADAMS is a database language that has been developed by the ADAMS group of the Institute for Parallel Computation, of the University of Virginia. ADAMS deals not only with a persistent database, but also a persistent name space. The ADAMS language consists of statements that can be embedded within traditional programming languages, such as C, FORTRAN or Pascal. This allows programmers to still use a language that they are familiar with, avoiding many problems inherent in stand alone database languages. This document describes the implementation of a preprocessor for embedding the ADAMS language within C. The preprocessor accepts a C program with embedded ADAMS statements, and translates it into a pure C program which can then be compiled by the cc compiler. The elements of the preprocessor are detailed, along with the interaction that the preprocessor has with other elements of the ADAMS system. Research issues arising from the persistent name space of ADAMS are also discussed. Note: Abstract extracted from PDF file via OCR
University of Virginia, Institute for Parallel Computation, 1989
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