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A Real-Time Messaging System for Token Ring Networks

Weaver, Alfred; Colvin, M
Weaver, Alfred
Colvin, M
The Computer Networks Laboratory at the University of Virginia has developed a real-time messaging service which runs on IBM PCs, PC/ATS, and compatibles when interconnected with a Proteon ProNET - l0 token ring local area network. The system is a prototype for a real~time communications network to be used aboard aircraft or ships. The system conforms to the IEEE 802.2 Logical Link Control standard for type I (connectionless, or datagram) service, with an option for acknowledged datagrams. The application environment required substantial network throughput and bounded message delay. Thus the development philosophy was to initially emphasize performance and to offer only primitive user services. After providing and measuring the performance of a basic datagram service, the intent is to add additional user services one at a time and to retain only those which the user can "afford" in terms of their impact on throughput, delay, and CPU utilization. The current system is programmed in C. The user interface is a set of C procedure calls which initialize tables, reserve buffer space, send and receive messages, and report network status. The system is now operational and initial performance measurements are complete. Using this system, an individual PC can transmit or receive approximately 200 short (about 100 byte) messages per second, while the PC/AT operates at nearly 500 short messages per second. Note: Abstract extracted from PDF file via OCR
University of Virginia, Department of Computer Science, 1987
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