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Form-Oriented Interface Abstractions in Reusable Software

Wartik, Steven
Wartik, Steven
Research in form~oriented user interfaces has produced many popular software systems. However, it has not adequately considered some of the fundamental concepts underlying a form abstraction. As a result. forms have not lived up to their potential. Forms should be an independent abstraction containing all the advantages of their paper equivalent. and a system supporting them should contain reusable software that aids tool builders in creating user interfaces. In this paper we discuss what we believe is necessary to support a form abstraction properly. We discuss forms as objects independent of any data storage mechanism, and we show the utility of reusable software components centered around form - oriented interfaces. We illustrate our points through FILLIN. a reusable software package supporting forms, and we cover some recent extensions to FILLIN that show what reusable software requires to support forms. We present our experience with these extensions, and discuss our directions for future research. Note: Abstract extracted from PDF file via OCR
University of Virginia, Department of Computer Science, 1986
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