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The QoSbox: A PC-Router for Quantitative Service Differentiation in IP Networks

Christin, Nicolas; Liebeherr, Jorg
Christin, Nicolas
Liebeherr, Jorg
We describe the design and implementation in UNIX-based PCs of the QoSbox, a configurable IP router that provides per-hop service guarantees on loss, delays and throughput to classes of traffic. There is no restriction on the number of classes or the specific service guarantees each class obtains. The novel aspects of the QoSbox are that (1) the QoSbox does not rely on any external component (e.g., no traffic shaping and no admission control) to enforce the desired service guarantees, but instead, (2) dynamically adapts packet forwarding and dropping decisions as a function of the instantaneous traffic arrivals; also, (3) the QoSbox can enforce both absolute bounds and proportional service guarantees on queueing delays, loss rates, and throughput at the same time. We evaluate the QoSbox in a testbed of PC-routers over a FastEthernet network, and show that the QoSbox is a possible solution allowing for incremental deployment to the problem of providing service differentiation in a scalable manner.
University of Virginia, Department of Computer Science, 2001
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