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A Framework for Experimental Systems Research in; Distributed Survivability Architectures

Knight, John; Sullivan, Kevin; McHugh, John; Du, Xing; Geist, Steve
Knight, John
Sullivan, Kevin
McHugh, John
Du, Xing
Geist, Steve
The survivability of critical infrastructures is not assured today because of their reliance on complex, vulnerable information systems. Survivability enhancement will require changes to system architectures. Experimental systems research in this area is complicated by the private ownership, criticality, and complexity of infrastructures systems. A key research method is therefore to explore and evaluate novel architectural concepts by prototyping them within dynamic models of infrastructure systems. We present a toolkit to support the construction of such models and the prototype-based evaluation of novel architectural idioms. The toolkit captures common features of infrastructure systems that challenge the state of the art in survivability management. Our models and prototype constructs run on networks of Windows NT workstations as distributed systems of programmable, message-passing processes with reflective capabilities. We have built infrastructure models with up to 150 processing nodes, and we have evaluated several key architectures, including one based on distributed hierarchical control.
University of Virginia, Department of Computer Science, 1998
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