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IT – A Simple Parallel Language for Hierarchical Parallel Architectures

Yanhaona, Muhammad Nur; Grimshaw, Andrew
Yanhaona, Muhammad Nur
Grimshaw, Andrew
After several decades of continuous research and development of hundreds of parallel programming languages; the dominant mechanism of parallelism, unfortunately, remains to be low level threading or message passing libraries attached to sequential language cores. We are investigating an alternative parallel programming paradigm that strives to strike a balance between low-level, platform-specific programming such as in MPI, Pthreads, or CUDA; and high-level, hardware-agnostic language based approach such as in X10 or Chapel. The result is the IT programming language. IT is a language for high performance scientific computing where expression of parallelism in a program is inseparable from reasoning about the capabilities of its execution platform; but the reasoning is done over an abstract machine model that enables portable high performance without losing programmer’s productivity. This report describes IT’s programming model, syntax, core features, and results of some early performance experiments with IT sample programs on NVIDIA GPGPU platform.
University of Virginia, Department of Computer Science, 2014
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