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A Video Mail Distribution System for Networked Personal Computers

Street, F; Weaver, A
Street, F
Weaver, A
The Computer Networks Laboratory at the University of Virginia has used the Xpress TranSferProtocol (XTP) to construct the Xpress File System (XFS), a local area network peer-to-peer file sharing system for MS-DOS based IBM Personal Computers. XFS is usable for a variety of purposes, most notably the real time delivery of multimedia data streams. Using specialized hardware and software from Fluent Machines Inc., we have shown that XFS is capable of maintaining syffrcient file system to fire system throughput to support the real time delivery of the 30 frames per second audwlvideo data stream generated by the Fluent system. This paper provides a general discussion of the architecture and operation of XFS, and an overview of the Fluent system that we use to generate and process motion video data streams. We also describe our plans to extend the video mail system into a video conferencing system using XTP. Note: Abstract extracted from PDF text
University of Virginia, Department of Computer Science, 1993
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