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Vest: An Aspect-Based Real-Time Composition Tool

Stankovic, John; Zhu, Riquing; Poornalingam, Ram; Lu, Chenyang; Yu, Zhendong; Humphrey, Marty; Ellis, Brian
Stankovic, John
Zhu, Riquing
Poornalingam, Ram
Lu, Chenyang
Yu, Zhendong
Humphrey, Marty
Ellis, Brian
Distributed embedded systems operate under severe constraints in processing power, memory footprint, power availability, and communication bandwidth. To be successful these systems must also meet cost, time to market, performance, and dependability constraints. Building each distributed embedded system from scratch is not cost-ejfective. Instead, designing, building and tailoring these systems by using domain specific components has promise. However, in using components, the most difficult issues are ensuring that hidden dependencies won't cause failures and that non-functional properties such as real-time performance and reliability are being met. We have built the VEST toolkit whose aim is to provide a rich set of dependency checks based on the concept of aspects to support distributed embedded system development via components. We describe the toolkit and its novelty. We also use VEST on two case studies of a CORBA-based middleware for avionics. Data collected shows that VEST can significantly reduce the time it takes to build a distributed real-time embedded system by over 50%. Key "lessons learned" from our experience with using VEST on these case studies are also highlighted. Note: Abstract extracted from PDF file via OCR
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University of Virginia, Department of Computer Science, 2003
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Libra Open Repository
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