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Responsible Research and Innovation in the Classroom: A workshop report

Gibbs, Beverley; Foley, Rider; Martin, Paul
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Gibbs, Beverley
Foley, Rider
Martin, Paul
Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) recently gained traction in science, engineering and technology (SET) policy in the European Union and United Kingdom and is currently an important initiative for both researchers and educators to consider as they pursue public funds. While attention is often paid to the implications of RRI in the research arena, fewer conversations have explored how this SET policy affects educational and curricular efforts within research-intensive universities. This workshop was an opportunity for collaboration between the social sciences, arts, medicine, humanities, and various SET disciplines to consider whether and how we might support the emergence of RRI in curriculum design for SET undergraduates. This document shares the efforts undertaken at a workshop that occurred at the University of Sheffield on 24 May 2016, which explored the benefits of, and strategies for, promoting “RRI in the classroom.” Participants were from multiple disciplinary and institutional positions with backgrounds in education, science policy, science and technology studies, biomedical ethics, engineering ethics, project-based learning, and humanities. The report establishes a theoretical construct for RRI and then explores how existing educational activities might be aligned with this new framework. It comprises: • a opening statement on the motivations and structure of the workshop • a description of the activities, outcomes and the subsequent dialogue • a series of reflections, discussion points, and takeaways. The report is accompanied by a list of the 40 classroom activities and learning outcomes generated during the workshop, and explores their connections to RRI ; they are included to offer examples of how educators understand an alignment between classroom activities, learning outcomes, responsible research and innovation and learning domains. This workshop serves to support the on going conversations across the United Kingdom and European Union as the science policy initiatives incorporated in RRI are unpacked, digested and reinterpreted by educational and research communities.
University of Virginia, May 24, 2016
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May 24, 2016
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National Science Foundation (NSF), Virtual Institute for Responsible Innovation under Grant #1257246
NSF’s support for the Center for Nanotechnology and Society at ASU via a subcontract award to University of Virginia under Grant #0937591Responsible Research and Innovation in the Classroom: Workshop
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