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Model for Developing Data Management Policy Language

Corey, Bill; Mann, Wendy; Hall, Nathan; Wilson, Tom
Corey, Bill
Mann, Wendy
Hall, Nathan
Wilson, Tom
The purpose of this poster session is to demonstrate the steps being taken by the Association of Southeastern Research Libraries (ASERL) Research Data Coordinating Committee’s (RDCC) Policy Working Group in identifying and creating model language to be used for crafting data management policies. The work demonstrates the importance of collaboration across universities at the regional consortia level as well as among other consortia to find solutions to mutual problems. In April 2012 the ASERL-RDCC was established. One of the primary tasks of the contributing members was to provide information regarding data management policies in place at their home institutions. The group discovered that most ASERL institutions had general policies for administrative data, but did not have policies specific to research data management. The group saw this gap as an opportunity to craft a data management policy template that universities could use when formulating their research data management policies. The Policy Working Group was established and charged with creating model language. It evaluated existing data management policies at universities in the US, UK and Australia. Using the most robust policies as guides, the Working Group drafted a prototype research data management policy that could be used as a template at other schools with the intent that each school could then modify and adopt a research data management policy for its own environment. The aim of the project was to help the member schools avoid creating their own policies from scratch. In addition to collaborating among ASERL libraries, ASERL coordinated with the Southeastern University Research Association (SURA) Information Technology Committee’s research data management subgroup regarding the draft template. This entire process will be demonstrated in detail during the poster session.
University of Virginia, April 5, 2013
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April 5, 2013
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