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Temperature dependent optical properties of lead selenide quantum dot polymer nanocomposites

Waldron, Dennis; Burke, Rebeckah; Preske, Amanda; Krauss, Todd; Zawodny, Joseph; Gupta, Mool
Waldron, Dennis
Burke, Rebeckah
Preske, Amanda
Krauss, Todd
Zawodny, Joseph
Gupta, Mool
The optical properties of PbSe quantum dots (QDs) in AB9093 epoxy nanocomposite are examined with respect to temperature over a range of 0°C–80°C, a useful working range for many QD-based sensors and devices, and results are compared to QDs in toluene solution. A complete characterization of QD optical properties is provided as a function of temperature, including the absorption spectrum, first excitonic (1-s) absorption peak intensity and wavelength, fluorescence intensity, and peak wavelength. QD optical properties in toluene were found to be more sensitive to temperature as compared to those in AB9093. Interestingly, 1-s and fluorescence peak wavelength variation with temperature are reversed in AB9093 as compared to those in toluene solution. Results for the fluorescence properties of Lumogen F Red 305 dye in toluene are presented for comparison. The dye was found to have similar sensitivity to temperature to that of the QDs in terms of fluorescence peak wavelength shift, but the fluorescence peak intensity was far less variant. These results can be used to build a temperature sensor or as a guide to building other types of QD-based devices to be more robust against changes in ambient temperature.
The Optical Society, 2017
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