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From Last to Ancient First: Merging Research Data Services & Social, Natural, Engineering Liaisons

Claibourn, Michele
Claibourn, Michele
Multiple transformations in research and scholarship are pushing libraries to develop and diffuse emerging forms of expertise. This poster reports on the ongoing efforts within one research library to both (1) build and expand Research Data Services -- data discovery; data analysis, wrangling and visualization; research data management; and software, computation, and technology support -- while (2) merging the data-oriented staff with subject liaisons in the social, natural, and engineering sciences into an integrated department. Unifying subject liaisons and data experts into a coherent team has facilitated the wider dissemination of knowledge among library staff, including growing data awareness among liaisons and a stronger understanding of information expertise and literacies among technology experts. At the same time, the integration offers opportunities for raising the visibility of all library resources – both data and informational -- among the science, engineering and social science research constituencies with which we work. This project offers an initial assessment of these integrative efforts, including: identification of new collaborations, use of our services before and after merging the teams, and the changing distribution of our consultative work across disciplines, levels of researcher experience, and service areas.
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University of Virginia, March 2017
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March 2017
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