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Avian Migration: Condor-Style Job Submission on Standards-Compliant Grid Systems

Steele, Panayiotis; Saravo, Michael; McGrath, R; Grimshaw, Andrew
Steele, Panayiotis
Saravo, Michael
McGrath, R
Grimshaw, Andrew
The Condor system is used worldwide for high- throughput computing, especially scientific computing. Histor- ically, its intuitive submit description language and powerful high-throughput computing capabilities have made it popular. However, with the emergence of synergistic grid standards promising to make grid interoperability easier than ever before, users are presented with a choice: stay with Condor and keep its power but sacrifice interoperability with the increasing number of standards-compliant grids, or switch to the standards-compliant grids, gaining access to a wide array of resources but possibly losing both the simple power of Condor and valuable time and energy in learning how to use a new grid system. This paper aims to present research into creating a third option: enable Condor jobs to be submitted to and run on standards-compliant grids with little to no effort on the part of the user. This software is called Avian.
University of Virginia, Department of Computer Science, 2010
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