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Cephalopods: Gadgets Galore

Kanopy (Firm)
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Using stunning underwater photography and macro graphics, this documentary cracks the cephalopods secret code of success. Jet packs are standard issue - a muscular bag makes up their body and provides the only jet engine in nature. The nozzle under the head can expel water at hundreds of miles per hour. Ink is a secret weapon - acting as a smoke-screen to evade the enemy. This 'live and let dye' solution is so important that it allows cephalopods to dominate all the planet's seas. Killer tentacles in the cuttlefish and squid allow for sudden assassination of prey. The tentacles shoot forward like wire-guided missiles to hit their target. Full beam headlamps light their way.: Bobtail squid have special organs with light emitting bacteria, a focusing lens and even a shutter system to vary the intensity of the beam. Yellow filters and polarised lenses remove hazy blue light in water and specialised tube-like telescopic eyes can spot prey from above - these cephlapods have nature's equivalent of X-ray specs and telescopic eyes. Chemical weapons are standard issue to many of the cephalopod agents. Pygmy squids use extra-strong underwater super glue to hold on to seaweed and ambush passing prey. But they can dissolve the glue with special concentrated acid in a second if they themselves are targeted. The Blue-ringed octopus, the star of James Bond classic Octopussy, has a paralysing neurotoxin in its saliva. Extraordinary 'talking skin' makes cephalopods the masters of communication as they flash colour signals and converse using a secret language. One cuttlefish special agent has a language of nearly a hundred different colour and shape changes used in love and war. If caught like James Bond in the middle of love affairs, it's possible to read its blushes as waves of colour passing down its flanks.
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[San Francisco, California, USA] : Kanopy Streaming, 2015.
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Originally produced by BBCActive in 2004.
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1098993 Kanopy
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