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Episode 13: A Clue: No

Kanopy (Firm)
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Robin's world has fallen apart. Unable to come to terms with losing Marian, he refuses to help Edward confront the King and abandons Much and the gang. But all is not as it seems and the discovery of a terrible secret spurs him back into action. Cornered by the Sheriff, it seems that Robin and his gang are doomed. With nothing left to lose, the enraged and grieving outlaw leads his gang into what could be their final battle - and their power is devastating. The Sheriff, who knows nothing about Marian's death, realises that something must be amiss if Robin is murdering his guards. And, with Will and Allan returning to help, the tide begins to turn. Later, Robin returns to the cave to mourn Marian - and she awakens. The hemlock, Djaq explains, had an anaesthetic effect and she did not die after all. Robin is delighted, but then remembers he no longer has the evidence to convict Gisborne. He must take Marian home and hope that the King will restore the kingdom to its former glory. Marian returns to her father at Knighton, where Edward and lords loyal to the King are preparing to rise up against the Sheriff. As Marian dresses for her wedding, father and daughter separate in preparation for two very different days. Robin is about to take his leave, too. Depressed about Marian's impending marriage, he fights with Much and breaks away from the gang: there's no point in being Robin Hood any more. As he heads off, Much follows him but, on the way, encounters King Richard's procession and realises something strange is going on. In the Great Hall, the Sheriff welcomes King Richard (played by Lukacs Bicskey and voiced by Tim Bentinck), only to receive a surprise of his own. The King orders his immediate arrest for treason and crimes against the State. Meanwhile, Marian arrives at the church, prepared once and for all to become Lady Gisborne. And then everything changes. Much runs into the church, clanging the bell. It is not the real King - it has all been a trap!
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[San Francisco, California, USA] : Kanopy Streaming, 2015.
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Originally produced by BBCActive in 2006.
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1087021 Kanopy
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