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Electronic Submission of Undergraduate Theses: A Case Study for the Implementation of a University-Wide Program for the Electronic Submission and On-line Archiving of Theses and Dissertations

Moore, Mariahna
Thesis/Dissertation; Online
Moore, Mariahna
French, James
The popularity of electronic publishing and electronic libraries rises as the number of people on the World Wide Web increases exponentially every year. Many students are not suitably prepared for on-line world that faces them in their careers ahead. Additionally, the results of hours of time, energy, and research are seemingly lost as theses and dissertations sit on library shelves unavailable to outside students and research communities. Increasingly, discussions of electronic theses and dissertations and their benefits are gaining strength. In order for the University of Virginia to take full advantage of this educational resource, I have set up a working prototype for undergraduate students in the School of Engineering and Applied Science to submit electronic theses. The current roles of the student, the TCC department, and library are transformed into equivalent parts of the electronic thesis system. This project represents the possibilities of a University-wide system and successfully demonstrates that such a project is feasible.
University of Virginia, Department of Computer Science, BS (Bachelor of Science), 1997
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BS (Bachelor of Science)
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