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Best Practices in Data Collection and Management Workshop

Lake, Sherry; Denton, Andrea
Computer Resource; Online; Dataset
Lake, Sherry
Denton, Andrea
Ever need to help a researcher share and archive their research data? Would you know how to advise them on managing their data so it can be easily shared and re-used? This workshop will cover best practices for collecting and organizing research data related to the goal of data preservation and sharing. We will focus on best practices and tips for collecting data, including file naming, documentation/metadata, quality control, and versioning, as well as access and control/security, backup and storage, and licensing. We will discuss the library’s role in data management, and the opportunities and challenges around supporting data sharing efforts. Through case studies we will explore a typical research data scenario and propose solutions and services by the library and institutional partners. Finally, we discuss methods to stay up to date with data management related topics.
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University of Virginia, 2015
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