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Pratikriti: A Data Replication Service in the GFFS

Venkataswamy, Vanamala
Computer Resource; Online; Dataset
Venkataswamy, Vanamala
This paper describes the design and implementation of Pratikriti, a data replication service with high availability, improved performance and strong data security. Pratikriti provides automatic replication for file system resources in Genesis II [1][6]. Genesis II supports the LightweightExport service [2]; which maps the data residing on local machines into the Global Federated File System (GFFS) namespace. The physical copy of the data resides on a local File System (FS), but once exported, the data can be accessed via the GFFS from anywhere subject to access control. Pratikriti extends the LightweightExport service in Genesis II to asynchronously replicate the data residing on a users local FS to multiple sites. With replication, users get a better Quality of Service (QoS), namely High Availability (HA) and improved performance. Pratikriti acts like the Dropbox TM i.e., the local data is securely replicated and kept eventually consistent among multiple sites without human intervention. The system copes with server failures by transparently switching over to the next available replica server. We show that our solution successfully replicates the data to multiple sites while providing high availability and performance.
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University of Virginia, 2019-11-04
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