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Replication Data for: Treadmill Experience Mediates the Perceptual-Motor Aftereffect of Treadmill Walking

Allison A Brennan; Jonathan Z Bakdash; Dennis R Proffitt
Computer Resource; Online; Dataset
Allison A Brennan
Jonathan Z Bakdash
Dennis R Proffitt
Jonathan Z Bakdash
We have a lifetime of experience where self-motion with walking generates perceptual flow. However, walking on a treadmill does not produce perceptual flow, and thus a perceptual-motor aftereffect results. We demonstrate that the magnitude of this perceptual-motor aftereffect – measured by forward drift while attempting to march in-place following treadmill walking – decreases as experience walking on a treadmill is acquired over time. Experience with treadmill walking enables walking in this context to become sufficiently distinguished from walking in other contexts. Consequently, two distinct perceptual-motor calibration states are maintained, each linked to the context in which walking occurs. Experience with treadmill walking maintains perceptual-motor calibration accuracy in both walking contexts, despite changes to the relationship between perception and action.
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Jonathan Z Bakdash, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT, USA, 2011
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