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Replication Data for: Investigating the Influence of Cloud Radiative Effects on the Extratropical Storm Tracks

Grise, Kevin; Medeiros, Brian; Benedict, James J.; Olson, Jerry G.
Computer Resource; Online; Dataset
Grise, Kevin
Medeiros, Brian
Benedict, James J.
Olson, Jerry G.
This data set archives data from cloud locking simulations using version 2.0.1 of the Community Earth System Model. The data archive here was used to calculate the figures and tables in Grise et al. (2019). Please see the manuscript (as cited below) for full details of the methodology and interpretation of the results. Grise, K.M., B. Medeiros, J.J. Benedict, and J. G. Olson, 2019: Investigating the influence of cloud radiative effects on the extratropical storm tracks. Geophysical Research Letters, doi:10.1029/2019GL083542.
Date Received
University of Virginia, 2019-06-07
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National Science Foundation : AGS-1522829
National Science Foundation : AGS-1752900
U.S. Department of Energy : DE-FC02-97ER62402
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