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Geochemistry of the Daviess 873 Core

Tuite, Michael
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Tuite, Michael
This data set contains geochemical data collected from samples of the Daviess 873 core from Daviess County, Indiana, USA. The 5 meter core interval spans the Selmier and Morgan Trail members of the New Albany Shale. The formation boundary represents the Frasnian/Famennian boundary in the Late Devonian Illinois Basin. Elemental data collected include total organic carbon (TOC), total nitrogen (TN), total phosphorus (TP), total sulfide sulfur (TS), and reactive iron (Fe reactive). Stable isotope data include (delta)13C of organic carbon, (delta)15N of total nitrogen, and (delta)34S of sulfide sulfur. The degree of pyritization of reactive Fe (DOP) was calculated. Molar element ratios TOC/TN, TOC/TP, and TOC/TS are provided.
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University of Virginia, 2014-07-25
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