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The Association Between Heart Rate Recovery and Endothelial Function in Abdominally Obese Women with the Metabolic Syndrome

Swift, Damon Leo
Thesis/Dissertation; Online
Swift, Damon Leo
Engelhard, Carolyn
Purpose: To determine the relationship between heart rate recovery and endothelial function in abdominally obese women with the metabolic syndrome. Methods: Twenty-two women (n=22) (age: 49.20 + 11.39 yr, mean + SD) with the metabolic syndrome were enrolled. Subjects underwent a brachial artery ultrasound to determine flow mediated dilation (FMD) and nitroglycerine mediated dilation (NTG). Heart rate recovery (HRrec) was assessed during 5 minutes of active recovery following a VO2 peak treadmill test. Results: %FMD was not significantly correlated to 5 min. HRrec in all subjects (r= 0.23, p= .29). However, this relationship was significant in subjects with impaired FMD (FMD< 6%)(r=0.88, p<.001). Conclusions: HRrec may be a significant correlate of FMD in women with the metabolic syndrome with comorbid impaired endothelial function, but not for all women with the metabolic syndrome. Results may have been influenced by the use of active recovery, variation in risk factor severity, and differences in how subjects met the criteria for metabolic syndrome. However, at this time, the use of HRrec as a possible screening tool for endothelial function is not supported.
University of Virginia, Department of Public Health Sciences, MA (Master of Arts), 2006
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MA (Master of Arts)
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