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Yvonne Rainer
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Experimental Films; Drama; Feature Films
2005; 1990
Middle-age documentary filmmaker Yvonne Washington is becoming a "woman of a certain age", so she invites long-time friend Jenny to assist in filming a candid and open dialogue on menopause. This becomes a commentary on the implicit interrelation between vanity and subjugation, as women already relegated to secondary status in society face further trivialization and exclusion, reduced to a caricatured, iconic pop culture image: the crone. The film is also a scathing exposition of ageism, sexism, economic elitism, and racism--the isms that artificially define and characterize empowerment in contemporary society--and the marginalization, disenfranchisement, and social segregation that pervade everyday existence, informing the myth of privilege.
Yvonne Rainer
Zeitgeist Films
a film by Yvonne Rainer ; director, writer, editor Yvonne Rainer.
Originally produced as a motion picture in 1990.
Director of photography, Mark Daniels ; translation, Pedro Cosme-Prado.
Alice Spivak, Blaire Baron, Rico Elias, Gabriella Farrar, Tyrone Wilson, Dan Berkey, Novella Nelson ; interviewees Catherine English Robinson, Evelyn Cunningham, Gloria Sparrow, Audrey Goodfriend, Vivian Bonnano ; doctors, Judd Marmor, Charles W. Lloyd, Charles F. Flowers, Jr., Robert N. Rutherford, Judith Weisz.
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