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Disruptive Film. Vol. 1 : Everyday Resistance to Power

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Experimental Films; Silent Films; Video Recordings for the Hearing Impaired; Nonfiction Films; Short Films; Documentary Films
With this collection, curators Ernest Larson and Sherry Millner have successfully established a new history of film as political resistance. Vol. 1 is made up of four distinct programs with 26 short-form experimental non-fiction films. These radical global narratives span from 1914 up to the early 21st century and truly represent the diversity in approaches to documentary filmmaking. The collection has been put together for both political and educational purposes, to offer film and media makers and scholars a chance to review unaccountably under-appreciated works of film, video, animation--from France to Chiapas, from Serbia to China, to Nigeria--works that propose various strategies of resistance to power.
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Disc 1. Prologue: La Commune / by Armand Guerra & Le Cinema du Peuple (France, 1914, 90 sec.) -- Program 1: Globalized Resistances (63 min.) -- I Like Students = Me Gustan Los Estudiantes / by Mario Handler (Uruguay, 1967, 6 min.) -- Iranian Women's Movement, Year Zero / by Iranian Women & Women of the Political & Psychoanalytical Group (Iran/France, 1979, 12 min.) -- Requiem for M / by Kiri Dalena (Philippines, 2010, 7 min.) -- The Land Belongs to Those Who Work It / by Chiapas Media Project (Mexico, 2005, 15 min.) -- Prototype: God Bless America / by Martha Rosler (USA 2006, 1 min.) -- The Route / by Chen Chieh-Jen (Taiwan, 2006, 17 min.) -- Prayer of Fear / by Mosireen Collective (Egypt, 2013, 4 min.) -- Program 2: Live Like A Refugee: Borders, Visible & Invisible (54 min.) -- Inventory / by Zelimir Zilnik (Germany/Yugoslavia, 1972, 9 min.) -- They Will Kill Us All / by Sylvain George (France, 2010, 11 min.) -- Hezrellah / by Yann Beauvais (France, 2006, 44 sec.) -- The Food Chain / by Ariella Azoulay (Israel, USA, 2004, 14 min.) -- The Right of Passage / by Zanny Begg & Oliver Ressler (Australia/Austria, 2013, 19 min.) -- Disc 2. Program 3: Over the Edge: Cultural Displacements (58 min.) -- I Am Eight Years Old = J'ai Huit Ans / by Olga Poliakoff & Yann Le Masson (France/Algeria, 1961, 8 min.) -- The Lesson of Dis-Consent / by Chto Delat (Russia, 2012, 18 min.) -- Shoplifting: It's a Crime? / by Sherry Millner (USA, 1979, 15 min.) -- 3 X 3 = 9 / by Gautier Dulion (France, 2009, 2 min.) -- 14.3 Seconds / by John Greyson (Canada, 2009, 10 min.) -- The Death Knell = Le Glass / by Rene Vautier (France/Rhodesia/Algeria, 1964, 5 min.) -- Program 4: Performative Provocations (52 min.) -- Church of Stop Shopping Confronts Gentrification / by DeeDee Halleck & Deep Dish (USA, 2008, 9 min.) -- Expulsion From Paradise / by Andrey Ustinov & Natalya Nikolaeva (Russia, 2002, 2 min.) -- Jack Smith / by Birgit Hein (Germany, 1974, 10 min.) -- Red Green Black and White Indians / by Sobhi al-Zobadi (Palestine, 2007, 1 min.) -- Symbionese Liberation Army (SLA) Screed #16 / by Sharon Hayes (USA, 2002, 11 min.) -- Conakry / by Filipa Cesar (Portugal, 2012, 11 min.) -- Queen Mother Moore Speech at Green Haven Prison / The People's Communication Network (USA, 1973, 18 min.).
produced by Jill Godmilow, Ernest Larsen, and Sherry Millner.
In English and Arabic, French, German, Hebrew, Spanish, Russian, Tagalog with English subtitles.
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La commune

I Like Students

Iranian women's movement, year zero

Requiem for M

The land belongs to those who work it

Prototype : God bless America

The route

Prayer of fear


They will kill us all


The food chain

The right of passage

I am eight years old

The lesson of dis-consent

Shoplifting : it's a crime?

3 X 3 = 9

14.3 seconds

The death knell

Church of stop shopping confronts gentrification

Expulsion from paradise

Jack Smith

Red green balck and white Indians

Symbionese Liberation Army (SLA) screed #16


Queen Mother Moore speech at Green Haven Prison