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UVA Klezmer Ensemble : Spring 2017 Concert

McIntire Department of Music
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McIntire Department of Music
Musical Director
Rubin, Joel
featuring special guest Lorin Sklamberg
Recorded 27 April 2017 at Old Cabell Hall, University of Virginia.
University of Virginia Concert Recordings
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Part 1: 01:10 - Amerike du bist alrayt (America, You’re All Right!) / Fishel Kanapoff 09:52 - Hop lya lya (Oh la la!) / trad., from the repertoire of Belf’s Romanian Orchestra ; Deli Man / Lorin Sklamberg 16:44 - Ver firt di ale shifn? (Who Guides the Ships?) / Chava Alberstein 26:00 - Baym Rebn/U Rabina (At the Rebbe’s) / trad., from the repertoire of Belf’s Romanian Orchestra ; Mozesvil (Mosesville) / Jevel Katz ; Man In a Hat / trad., arr. The Klezmatics ; Buhusher Khosid (Khosid Dance from Buhuși, Romania) / trad., from the repertoire of Joseph Moskowitz 42:56 - Kalt vaser (Cold Water) / Sholom Secunda ; Ukrainskiy Hopak (Ukrainian Hopak Dance) / trad., from the repertoire of Shloimke Beckerman Part 2: 01:43 - Dem rebns moyfsim (The Rebbe’s Wonders) / adapted by Isa Kremer from a song by Benjamin Wolf Ehrenkranz, aka Velvel Zbarzher 06:53 - Yula/Ikh vel aykh gebn tsu derklern (Yula/I Will Explain to You) / trad. as sung by Sam Tropower, New York City, 1955 14:42 - Shabes in feld (Sabbath in the Field) / Yom-Tov Ehrlich 23:26 - Der yokh/L’estaca (The Yoke) / Lluís Llach ; Yiddish adaptation from the original Catalan by Yuri Vedenyapin 29:29 - Lustike hasidim (Jolly Hasidim) / trad., from the repertoire of Harry Kandel’s Orchestra ; Der yidisher nign (The Jewish Tune) M: Sholom Secunda 40:31 - Nakhes fun kinder (Joy from Children) / trad. Hasidic, from the repertoire of Belf’s Romanian Orchestra ; A gezang fun a traktorist (A Song of a Tractor Driver) / anon ; as sung by Joseph Videtsky ; Zhokul (Moldavian dance tune) / trad. 49:23 - encore
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