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Ross Lipman
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Explores the making and meaning of Film, a 1965 short film starring Buster Keaton, that was written by Samuel Beckett, directed by Alan Schneider, and produced by Barney Rosset. Topics covered include the circumstances leading to the film's production, the production process itself, and the film's critical reception. Includes outtakes, never-before-heard audio recordings of production meetings, interviews, and other archival information.
Ross Lipman
Corpus Fluxus
Amy Heller and Dennis Doros
Milestone Films
Featuring, Kevin Brownlow, Judith Douw, S.E. Gontarski, James Karen, Jim Knowlson, Leonard Maltin, Mark Nixon, Barney Rosset, Steve Schapiro, Jean Schneider, Jeannette Seaver, Haskell Wexler, Billie Whitelaw ; voices/archival images, Samuel Beckett, Boris Kaufman, Buster Keaton, Milt Perlman, Alan Schneider.
Special features: The street scene : a lost scene reconstruction from the Film outtakes (6 min.); "What if E's eyes were closed?" (audio recordings of Beckett, Schneider, and Kaufman) (7 min.); Buster Keaton and Film : James Karen in conversation (42 min.); Memories of Samuel Beckett : an afternoon with James Knowlson (8 min.); Jean Schneider : memories of Alan Schneider (11 min.); Jeannette Seaver : Beckett and "Godot" (4 min.); Photographing Film, photographing Beckett : Steve Schapiro and I.C. Rapoport in conversation (7 min.); photo gallery; The music of Notfilm : MP3 recordings by Mihály Víg.
Music, Mihály Víg.
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