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INAATE/SE/ : It Shines a Certain Way. To a Certain Place. /It Flies. Falls.

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The Seven Fires Prophecy is an ancient Ojibwe story said to have foretold the arrival of Europeans in North America, and the devastating consequences on their community. Each of the first prefigures a particular era of time, and warns or prepares the people for its defining challences. INAATE/SE/ re-imagines this prophecy and explores how it resonates across the gernations in the indigenous Anishinaabe-Ojibwe community of Sault Ste. Marie, in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Some believe the current generation to be emerging as the seventh fire generation. The seventh fire envisioned a re-tracing of steps, a return to roots, and a spiritual rebirth of a people. As INAATE/SE/ fixes its lens between the sacred and the profane to pry open the construction of contemporary indigenous identity, it simultaneously explores and re-imagines the past and the future of the Ojibwe people.
Torch Films
a film by Adam Khalil, Zack Khalil ; executive producer, Steve Holmgren ; producers, Sam Richardson, Carolyn Lazard, Sarah Kerr, Alex Lazarowich.
Music, Zack Khalil, Austin Sley Julien.
Featuring Alicia Gervais, Darrell Labranche, Dave Houghton, Priscilla Eames, Adel Easterday, Dana Andrews, Pauline Andrews.
Official selection, Doc Fortnight 2016, The Museum of Modern Art.
Public performance rights secured. Public performances are authorized as long as the audience is fewer than 50 people and no admissions is charged.
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