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Digitalis 2016

University of Virginia McIntire Department of Music
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The McIntire Department of Music presents Digitalis A concert of experimental work for sound and visual media created by undergraduate and graduate students in Composition & Computer Technologies Tuesday, May 3, 2016 Old Cabell Hall 8:00pm Cryptic Corduroy MICE performs live improvised music using handmade instruments, controllers, and software. Rebecca Beauchamp, Nathalie Bly, Faith Domfeh, Alexander Goossens, Stewart Hahn, Marc Kaivon Jones, Alec Miller, Will Mullany, Brett Offutt, Andrew St. Jean, Isabella Vankesteren, Gil Vizner Underground Tracks My piece, Underground Tracks, is inspired largely by musique concrète and loop-based minimalism. In this piece, I’m using recordings of ambient noise in and around the New York Subway System in conjunction with audio from electronic instruments to create a kind of augmented landscape, though one that is still firmly grounded in realism, encompassing all of the noise and energy of a crowded city. - Andrew Lynch Ends Exploring improvisational potential of hand-built MIDI controllers for digital synthesis, processing systems for traditional instruments and live audio-reactive visual projections. - Will Mullany, Matthew Leon, & Isabella Vankesteren Anatomy of a Scream Destruction of a human scream for 4 channel sound. - Conner Edward McCarthy Thixotropy Thixotropy is defined as a shear thinning property that is time dependent. The composition takes shape as an electronic duet for 2 computers or electronic devices. The performers have a score that has different musical ideas, gestures and words in different sizes scattered across the pages. The performs look do not follow the score in a linear way, but instead make their own path. The words serve to describe the gesture or sound that the performer is trying to achieve with their electronic device. Process: Computer, Axoloti and Feedback - Maxwell Tfirn & Veronica Lam Nichijou My first interpretation of the interaction between sound and image was for a popular anime in Japan. Nichijou, or My Ordinary Life, is a comedy that revolves around the not so ordinary lives of several students and other people in a small town. The show’s humor in one scene is what got me to write a piece for three violins. In this scene, a student attempts to show her friend the method of saving the wiener in her lunch for last, but ultimately struggles in eating it. By muting the scene, I was able match what I saw with how I felt as a result. The piece, Pondering Walks, represents the absurdity of the situation as well as how captivating the scene is. It starts off simply, but it gradually gets complicated. The title of the piece comes from what happens when we “zone out” in our lives. Our focus shifts onto something else and we start thinking more and more about it until it becomes a complicated web of thoughts. 15 sound effects gathered from were used in this video. Using Reaper, techniques of granular synthesis, automation, crossfades and many VST effects were placed on different layers. My main goal for this project was to keep the viewers just as entertained as if they were watching the original clip. - Stefan Petit-Freres Breeze Breeze is a composition for Kyma and WACOM tablet. It is based on a single audio sample of a bell that I recorded in Lubeck, Germany last fall. Inspired by this bell, I was able to transform one sample into many varied copies to create a composition. - Olga Oseth & Jon Bellona Rust This work begins on a beach, serene with crashing waves and gulls. Deep below the surface an impact shakes the waters and disturbs the coast. The source of this impact gets louder and louder until it breaches the surface of the ocean, pulling the listener down with it. The listener explores the strata of sonic environments of the ocean while ascending to its surface. Back on the beach, the sonic landscape is the same but forever changed by knowing what lies beneath the waves. - Eli Stine Fire Cycle Fire Cycle explores the emergence of new forest growth from a fire, a natural life cycle of the forest. - Ecoacoustics Ensemble never/always On confronting the weight of permanence and change. - Hannah Balesi Let’s Talk It Over (remix) This instrumental remix of Lenny William’s “Let’s Talk It Over” features influences of hip-hop and R&B. The song differs from the original due to added compositional elements such as horns, strings, drums, and piano. - Benyam Adera The Bell Jar This piece is based on Sylvia Plath’s final novel, The Bell Jar. It can be seen as a combination of both music and performance art that takes the audience on a journey through the silent struggle and inner chaos of the subject’s mind. The score uses no traditional notation - it is written in an excel document using colors and text size to denote relative pitch and dynamics, respectively, while rhythm is loosely defined by cell width. Thus, performers have the freedom to make their own artistic decisions throughout. - Anna Rigby Conversation This piece features solo B-flat clarinet and fixed media track, played concurrently. The track is a digitally altered field recording from near a bus stop on the campus of University College Dublin in Dublin 4, Ireland. The conversation is in Italian and stops when the speakers get ready to board the bus. - Seiyoung Jang
University of Virginia McIntire Department of Music
University of Virginia McIntire Department of Music
Recorded 3 May 2016 in Old Cabell Hall, University of Virginia.
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Audio only part 1

Audio only part 2

MICE - Cryptic Corduory

Andrew Lynch - Underground Tracks

Will Mullany, Matthew Leon & Isabella Vankesteren - Ends

Conner Edward McCarthy - Anatomy of a Scream

Maxwell Tfirn & Veronica Lam - Thixotropy

Stefan Petit-Freres - Nichijou

Olga Oseth - Breeze

Eli Stine - Rust

Ecoacoustics Ensemble - Fire Cycle

Hannah Balesi - never/always

Benyam Adera - Let's Talk It Over (remix)

Anna Rigby - The Bell Jar

Seiyoung Jang - Conversation