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Patients With Passports: Ethical and Legal Issues in Medical Tourism

University of Virginia. School of Medicine
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Medical tourism is a growing multi-billion dollar industry. Millions of patients go abroad each year to get health care. Some seek legitimate services like hip replacements or bypass surgery and travel to avoid queues, save money, or because their insurer gives them incentives or requires them to do so. Others seek services prohibited or unavailable at home, including abortions, assisted suicide, commercial surrogacy, and experimental treatments. Can your employer require you to travel to India for a hip replacement as a condition of insurance coverage? If injury results, can you sue—in your own country—the doctor, hospital, or insurer involved? Can a country prohibit its citizens from traveling to Switzerland for assisted suicide? In this Medical Center Hour, I. Glenn Cohen, author of Patients with Passports, tackles such questions, and gives a comprehensive legal and ethical analysis of medical tourism. Co-presented with the Institute for Practical Ethics and Public Life, UVA
University of Virginia. School of Medicine
Childress, Marcia Day
Cohen, I. Glenn
Claude Moore Health Sciences Library
Medical Center Hour
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