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Interview With Edward Mazique

Elwood, William A
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2006; 1985-12-11
Part one. Charles Houston's physician Dr. Edward Mazique discusses the state of medical care in 1985, the problems with malpractice insurance, and his involvement with medical political action committees in lobbying Congress. He also talks about his Mississippi accent, leaving Mississippi at 17, his time at Morehouse College, and being poor. Part two. Dr. Mazique recounts how he became a physician and tell stories about Morehouse College and his early economic troubles. He mentions Howard Thurman. Part three. Dr. Mazique talks about the survival skills of African Americans. He recalls being Charles Houston's physician and friend; and Houston was his lawyer. Part four. Dr. Mazique recounts how Houston inspired him into political action. Dr. Mazique recalls the state of health care for African Americans during civil rights era; he talks about what it was like for African American physicians. He mentions Paul Robeson and Jackie Robinson. Dr. Mazique was called before the House Un-American Activities Committee, and Houston got him excused from testifying. Part five. Mazique relates what motivated Houston and talks about Houston's death. Dr. Mazique discusses his relationship as godfather to Houston's son. Part six. Dr. Mazique talks about Houston and how people felt about him. He recalls Houston's work as a lawyer in areas other than separate but equal civil rights cases. Houston lived with Dr. Mazique in 1949 because of his health, and Dr. Mazique had him make an audiotape. Dr. Mazique recalls discussing the Scottsboro case and its international renown. Houston believed far-reaching publicity was important to the civil rights struggle.
Elwood, William A
Mazique, Edward Craig, 1911-1987
Digitized by: Cincinnati, Ohio : The PPS Group, 2006.
Source footage for the documentary, The road to Brown : the untold story of “the man who killed Jim Crow” (California Newsreel, 1990), about the life of Charles Hamilton Houston, his crusade for civil rights, and the events that led to Brown v. the Board of Education, the 1954 Supreme Court decision that declared the doctrine of separate but equal to be illegal.
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Recorded at Washington DC.
William A. Elwood Civil Rights Lawyers Project
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Road to Brown : the untold story of "the man who killed Jim Crow."
William A. Elwood Civil Rights Lawyers Project
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