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RN-MD Collaboration, a Work in Progress

University of Virginia. School of Medicine
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RN-MD collaboration in health care (or the lack thereof) is one of the more vexed issues facing our struggling health care system. Yet it rarely gets addressed in a substantive and purposeful way. The problem begins with the training of nurses and doctors. Nursing schools have seldom taught the nuts and bolts of working with physicians. Medical schools have taught future doctors almost nothing about working with nurses. Often the result in clinical practice is that each group finds the other difficult. Even so, nurse-physician collaboration is what makes health care possible, and good collaboration makes high quality care much more likely. In this Medical center hour, nurse and author Theresa Brown considers new, potentially revolutionary initiatives in health professional education, including at UVA, that bring nursing and medical students together as learners. Will interprofessional education lead to better RN-MD collaboration in practice and, as a result, to better patient care? The Zula Mae Baber Bice Memorial Lecture Co-presented with the School of Nursing
University of Virginia. School of Medicine
Childress, Marcia Day
Brown, Theresa
Fontaine, Dorrie K.
Claude Moore Health Sciences Library
Medical Center Hour
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