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Gun Violence and Mental Illness--Evidence? Solutions?

University of Virginia. School of Medicine
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Columbine. Virginia Tech. Ft. Hood. Huntsville. Tucson. Aurora. Newtown. The Navy Yard. Charleston. Roseburg. Gun violence, including a relentless raft of mass shootings, is epidemic today in the U.S., threatening individual safety and public health and wellbeing. The grim tally for 2015, says the Washington Post, is 294 mass shootings in 274 days. Many shooters are said to have undiagnosed or undertreated mental illness in their background. How does psychopathology contribute to violent behavior, particularly involving firearms, over a person's life course and in the social environment? How accurate and useful are clinicians’ predictions of violence in their patients? What is an appropriate role for clinicians as “gun gatekeepers” and for mental health services generally, as part of a public-health solution to gun violence? This Medical Center Hour reviews research related to these urgent questions and explores implications for clinicians and other mental-health stakeholders. Co-presented with the Institute for Law, Psychiatry, and Public Policy and the School of Law, UVA A John F. Anderson Memorial Lecture
University of Virginia. School of Medicine
Childress, Marcia Day
Swanson, Jeffrey, 1957-
Bonnie, Richard J.
Claude Moore Health Sciences Library
Medical Center Hour
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