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On Risk, Resilience, and the Art of Practice

University of Virginia. School of Medicine
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Have you ever witnessed a death-defying stunt and wondered, “How did that guy practice this without getting killed?” In this hour with champion skateboarder Rodney Mullen, we will peer into the layered nature of practice through the lens of what pro skateboarders do. Within the open-source community of professional skateboarding, participants' up-close and personal relationship with risk, consequence, and resilience drives innovation and fuels the field's rapid evolution. And skateboarders' nuanced approach to practice can be the biggest determinant of success, particularly when danger is involved. Practice makes perfect. What lessons might we find here for medicine? Mr. Mullen will explore how tuning the dynamic balance of analytic methods with a feel for the whole can train practitioners in risk assessment, confer the clarity they need to perform under pressure, and generate a grounded confidence with which they can improve, innovate, and achieve breakthroughs. A John F. Anderson Memorial Lecture/Medical Grand Rounds Co-presented with the University of Virginia's Department of Medicine
University of Virginia. School of Medicine
Childress, Marcia Day
Mullen, Rodney, 1966-
Rosner, Mitchell H.
Claude Moore Health Sciences Library
Medical Center Hour
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