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Consumer Expenditure Surveys, 1980-1989 [electronic resource]: Interview Surveys, for Household-Level Analysis

Julie A. Nelson
Computer Resource; Online
Ann Arbor, Mich. Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research [distributor] 1994
ICPSR (Series)
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AVAILABLE. This study is freely available to ICPSR member institutions.
This data collection constitutes a reorganization of data from the Interview Survey component of the Consumer Expenditure Surveys produced by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) for the years 1980-1989. The Interview Surveys collect data on the expenditures, household characteristics, and income of a sample of consumer units. Interviews are conducted quarterly for a period of 15 months. While the original files are ordered by calendar quarter and calendar month, the reorganized files in this collection use the consumer unit (equivalent to a family or household) as the unit of analysis. The reorganization facilitates analysis of expenditure patterns of individual consumer units. Two kinds of files are presented in this collection: detailed and summary. The detailed files, Consumer Unit (CU), BLS Aggregated Data (BLS), Member Data (MEM), and Expenditure Tabulations (MT) files, retain almost all of the information from the original Interview Survey files (FMLY, MEMB, and MTAB). The detailed files are named according to the calendar year in which the consumer unit's fifth interview took place. Expenditures are expressed as monthly or quarterly totals in 472 categories. The summary files, Sum of Quarterly Expenditures by Consumer Price Index Aggregation (SUMQ), Summary (SUMMARY), and Aggregated Quarterly Expenditures, 1984-1989 (BLSSUM), aggregate expenditures by type and by quarter or year. The SUMQ files (one for each year) contain information on expenditures aggregated over interview quarters in approximately 70 aggregate categories. The SUMMARY file contains annual expenditures in the same 70 categories, along with selected demographic variables, for those consumer units that participated in the survey for a full year. For convenience, two files containing United States city average Consumer Price Indices corresponding to the aggregate goods categories by month and by year are provided. The BLSSUM file contains quarterly summed expenditures for all consumer units from 1984 on, using the aggregation scheme followed by the BLS files.
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