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ABC News/Washington Post Iraq War Polls, January-February 1991 [electronic resource]

ABC News , The Washington Post
Computer Resource; Online
Ann Arbor, Mich. Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research [distributor] 1991
ICPSR (Series)
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This data collection consists of telephone surveys concerning the Persian Gulf war between Iraq and the allied Coalition forces. Part 1, conducted just prior to the January 15th deadline set by the United Nations Security Council for Iraq to withdraw from Kuwait, asked respondents if the United States should take military action, what the likelihood was that the United States would go to war, how long the war would last, and how many casualties would result. Additional questions included whether the United States should hold further talks with Iraq, whether a diplomatic solution was possible, if the United States should agree to an Arab-Israeli conference, and if respondents approved of actions taken by George Bush and Congress. Parts 2-9 were conducted after the outbreak of war. Respondents were asked if they approved or disapproved of George Bush's and Israel's handling of the situation, of the United States' having gone to war, and of American anti-war protests. They were also asked how long they thought the war would last, how many casualties would result, who would win, if enough had been done to seek a diplomatic solution, and if the United States and her allies had been right to attack Iraq. In addition, respondents were asked how they rated the job the United States military was doing, if the air war would be enough or if a ground war would be necessary, if the government was releasing enough or too much information, if Israel should strike back at Iraq for the missile attacks, if the respondent was afraid to travel or afraid of increased terrorism, if the United States was heading toward another Viet Nam, and whether moral principle or economic reality had been the motive behind American troops' being sent to the Persian Gulf. Other topics covered include the final objective of the war (driving Iraq out of Kuwait or Saddam Hussein from power), allied bombing in Baghdad and issues surrounding hits on possible military targets that would result in civilian casualties, the presence of American reporters in Iraq, talks between Iraq and the Soviet Union seeking a diplomatic solution, and a set of questions addressing possible outcomes for Saddam Hussein and the respondent's personal feelings regarding him. Background information provided includes age, race, sex, political party identification, state/region of residence, and if the respondent had friends or relatives serving in the military in the Gulf region.
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