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CBS News Monthly Poll, June 2003 [electronic resource]

CBS News
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Ann Arbor, Mich. Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research [distributor] 2003
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This poll conducted, June 12-13, 2003, is part of a continuing series of monthly polls that solicit opinions on political and social issues. Respondents were asked to give their opinions of President George W. Bush and his overall job performance, his ability to do something to establish peace in the Middle East, United States involvement in Iraq, former President Bill Clinton, and Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton. Questions involving the United States involvement in Iraq addressed whether removing Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein from power was worth the human and economic costs, whether it mattered if Saddam Hussein were found, whether the Bush administration over-, under-, or accurately estimated the number of weapons of mass destruction present in Iraq, whether the Bush administration exaggerated the number of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq in order to garner support for military action, whether the Central Intelligence Agency over-, under-, or accurately estimated the number of weapons of mass destruction present in Iraq, respondents' level of confidence that the United States would find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, whether it mattered if weapons of mass destruction were found in Iraq, and whether Iraq was an immediate threat, a threat but did not require immediate action, or not a threat. Views were sought on Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton from New York. Respondents were queried on whether they had a favorable or unfavorable opinion of Senator Clinton, what they liked about her, what they disliked about her, whether their opinions of Senator Clinton were more based on their agreement with her political views or their feelings about her personal life, Senator Clinton's performance as first lady, her performance as a senator, her performance as a mother, whether Senator Clinton was a good role model for professional women, and whether she was a good role model for wives. Respondents were asked whether they would describe Senator Clinton as possessing high or average intelligence, whether they felt she had worked hard to attain her position in life, whether she exhibited more or less honesty and integrity than most people in public life, whether she cared about the needs and concerns of the respondents, whether she showed strong leadership qualities, whether they would have confidence in Senator Clinton in a crisis situation, and whether she said what she believed or what people wanted to hear. In addition, respondents were polled on whether they agreed with Senator Clinton's political views, regardless of their personal feelings toward her, whether they read or knew of her most recent book "Living History," whether they believed her statements about her reaction to the relationship between former President Clinton and Monica Lewinsky, whether Senator Clinton was hiding something the public should know, whether she would run for president of the United States in 2004 or 2008, whether she should run for president of the United States in 2004 or 2008, and who would run the White House, she or former President Clinton, if she were elected president. Additional questions addressed whether respondents considered themselves part of the conservative Christian political movement, also known as the religious right, and whether respondents were registered to vote in the precincts or districts where they resided. Background variables include age, sex, ethnicity, education, political orientation, political ideology, marital status, religious orientation, household income, whether the respondent voted in the 2000 presidential election, and if so, for whom (Democrat Al Gore, Republican George W. Bush, Reform Party candidate Pat Buchanan, or Green Party candidate Ralph Nader).
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