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Teacher Evaluation Policy in Portugal: An Implementation Study

Curado, Ana Paula Dos Reis
Thesis/Dissertation; Online
Curado, Ana Paula Dos Reis
Covert, Robert
Grogan, Margaret
Duke, Daniel
Tucker, Pamela
The purpose of this dissertation was to study the implementation process of Portuguese policy of teacher evaluation. To achieve this purpose, the collective bargaining process leading to the formulation of the teacher evaluation policy was investigated, and three case studies, based on three secondary schools with different organizational characteristics, were developed. The conceptual framework guiding the study's design and findings was derived from organization theory. The literature review covered the areas of teacher evaluation, teacher professionalization, educational change, and policy implementation. The Portuguese policy of teacher evaluation is composed of three elements: a document of critical reflection written by the teacher in evaluation; mandatory continuing education; and an appraisal report by the school's evaluation committee. How these elements were implemented varied across the three secondary schools. The study also concluded that Portuguese teacher evaluation policy, while asserting to promote teacher professional development and school improvement, lacked some basic characteristics that the literature deemed pivotal to accomplish its stated purposes. Policy implementation focused primarily on career advancement. Recommendations were suggested for teacher evaluation policy reformulation and its implementation, and issues for further research were addressed.
University of Virginia, Curry School of Education, PHD (Doctor of Philosophy), 2000
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PHD (Doctor of Philosophy)
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