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Comparison of Workloads Between Nursing and Liberal Arts Faculty in Small, Private Liberal Arts Colleges

Andrews, Linda L.
Thesis/Dissertation; Online
Andrews, Linda L.
Sowa, Claudia
Gleit, Carol
Taylor, Alton
Gibbs, Annette
The purpose of this study was to improve the understanding of faculty workload policies and practices between nursing faculty and liberal arts faculty in small, private liberal arts colleges. Four specific research questions were identified for this study. It was assumed that the majority of nursing faculty taught full-time and that all college faculty were involved in teaching, research and service. The literature review indicated that the credit hour was the most frequently used measure of allocating full-time workload, however, the credit hour designation did not meet the nursing faculty workload criteria in baccalaureate nursing programs. To gather information, a comparative descriptive approach was used on a sample population of 51 identified colleges. Data obtained from the survey questionnaires were based on the 1990-91 academic year. Responses from 21 college deans and 32 nursing chairs from 22 states were analyzed using nonparametrical statistical procedures. Workload differences between nursing and liberal arts faculty were seen, with nursing chairs reporting fewer than 12 credit hours taught per term and 13 or more student contact hours per week. A majority of respondents reported that a difference existed in the full-time workload criteria between nursing faculty and liberal arts faculty. The researcher concludes that this study can be utilized to formulate criteria which supports the use of student contact hours to determine the teaching activity of full-time nursing faculty. It is recommended that workload policies for all faculty be expanded to include teaching assignment, college committee membership, scholarly activity and academic advising per term or academic year. Note: Abstract extracted from PDF file via OCR.
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University of Virginia, Curry School of Education, EDD (Doctor of Education), 1993
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EDD (Doctor of Education)
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