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ADAM Functions in Early Development of Xenopus Tropicalis

Xu, Guofeng
Thesis/Dissertation; Online
Xu, Guofeng
Keller, Raymond
Desimone, Douglas W
Lu, Xiaowei
White, Judith
Gumbiner, Barry
The ADAM family of transmembrane metalloproteinases has important functions in fertilization, development and disease. Previous studies suggest that ADAM10, a proteolytically active ADAM, plays essential roles in the development of primary neurons in both Drosophila and mouse. However, morpholino knockdown of ADAM10 in Xenopus failed to yield obvious defects in primary neurogenesis. In an attempt to investigate this apparent inconsistency, I identified a novel ADAM protein in Xenopus tropicalis (X. tropicalis) that is closely related to ADAM10. Homologues of this ADAM (which we named ADAM10-like) are present in several other vertebrate species, including some non-placental mammals. Morpholino knockdown ofADAM10-like caused early developmental delays in neurogenesis, as well as a bent-tail phenotype at later stages. Double knockdown ofADAM10 and ADAM10-like resulted in more severe defects in tail morphology but no obvious defects in neurogenesis other than a delay in timing. These results indicate that ADAM10-like has multiple functions during development, some of which are redundant with ADAM10. Note: Abstract extracted from PDF file via OCR
University of Virginia, Department of Cell Biology, PHD (Doctor of Philosophy), 2012
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PHD (Doctor of Philosophy)
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