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Pormpuraaw Art & Culture Centre; Pormpuraaw Art & Cultural Centre Incorporated

Paul Jakubowski, Producer; Freddy Thaayorre, Narrator
Video; DVD
Pormpuraaw, Qld. : Pormpuraaw Art & Cultural Centre Incorporated, 2010.
Aboriginal languages
  • Pormpuraaw means entrance way in Thaayorre language. It is a uniques aboriginal community in the Gulf of Carpentaria and Cape York Peninsula, Australia. It is a beautiful location
  • near the beach and surrounded by wetlands filled with native birds. It is a place where indigenous culture is strong. Our artists work in painting, large scale murals, print making, weaving and wood craving. We work in digital format to produce films about language and culture.
Gilbert Jack
Marlene Helroyd
Elliott Koonuita
Christine Yantumba
Doreen Conrad
Rhiannon Edwards
Hedley Karyuka
Cecilia Peter
Elliot Koonutia
Eddie Kepple
Marlene Holroyd
Bessie Holroyd
Glen Simpson
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